The Destructive Dog

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You come home from work and it looks like there has been a party that you weren’t invited to. The garbage is overturned and there is garbage strewn about the house. The couch is in pieces, looking as though it has exploded. That nice big flat screen tv that you worked so hard to pay off is now shattered on the floor. What could have happened here? In the middle of the mess is your dog. Tail wagging and excited to see you. This is not the first time you have come home to a mess, but this is by far the worst one so far. Now what to do with the dog???

We are commonly asked how to manage a dog with destructive behavior. Some times separation anxiety is the culprit, but more often than not, the dog is simply bored and lonely. Have you ever heard the phrase ” A good dog is a tired dog”? It is most certainly true. Oftentimes, we are not matching the activity level that our dog requires. Obedience training and exercise will generally alleviate the issues, keeping in mind that by exercise, we mean more than just a walk around the block. Dogs need both mental and physical exercise.

If the chewing and destructive habits are from anxiety and stress, socialize the dog as much as possible. Stress-related behaviors will often decrease as the dog gains some self-confidence.

So run and play with your pet! Throw a ball or frisbee and inquire about some obedience classes. You and your pet will be glad that you did!