What to do if your pet is missing

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Many pets go missing over the summer months, especially around the 4th of July. So what do you do if this happens? Many people wait several hours or a few days to see if the pet returns on his/her own. Unfortunately, that is time lost while the pet could be getting further from home.

If your missing pet is a dog, begin by calling your local police department. Oftentimes, the police are the first ones called when a dog is found running stray. Be sure to give a clear description as well as any identifying marks.

Next, contact your local dog pound and animal shelters in the area and give them a description of the pet and the area that the pet is missing from. Also visit the shelters and pounds with pictures of your pet. Shelters and pounds are very busy places. Don’t rely strictly on their information. GO LOOK!

Place posters in the area and surrounding areas with clear pictures and accurate contact information.

Contact local veterinary clinics. Many people who find animals call the clinics and ask if anyone is missing a pet.

Print out cards with your pet’s picture and go door to door in the area and surrounding areas.


Here are our local pounds and Animal Welfare League and their addresses:


Trumbull County Dog Pound

7501 Anderson Ave.

Warren, Oh 44484



Mahoning County Dog Pound

589 Industrial Rd

Youngstown, Oh 44509



Animal Welfare League

812 Youngstown-Kingsville Rd SE

Vienna, Oh 44473



Angels for Animals

4750 South Range Rd.

Canfield, Oh 44406