Cervical IVD Fenestration

We perform this procedure for degenerative intervertebral disc disease of the cervical region in dogs. IVDD occurs when debris from an intervertebral disc is pressed against the spinal cord in the neck area of a dog. Often times, this causes acute or chronic pain of the neck, although sudden onset of neck pain is the most common clinical sign.

Your pet may be prescribed anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers to alleviate the pressure on the spinal cord if surgery is not necessary. Cage rest is extremely important while your pet is healing.

If surgery is necessary, a small incision will be made at the site of the disc extrusion allowing the debris to be removed from the spinal cord. Cage rest and very limited activity are critical after surgery to allow scar tissue to form at the site. Failure to do so may result in early recurrence. Your pet will require suture removal 14 days after the surgery. At this appointment, the veterinarian will determine a rehabilitation schedule suited for your pet based on their healing progress. It is very important to bring your pet in for all scheduled follow up appointments related to this procedure.

***The cost of this procedure varies by patient and severity. Office staff will not be able to give you an estimate for this procedure without an exam by the veterinarian.