This procedure is performed when a pet has a slipped, herniated, or ruptured disc.

A pet with a less severe case is generally treated with anti-inflammatory medication (usually a steroid) and a muscle relaxant. Crate rest is important to avoid complications and surgery at this point.

If surgery is required, the veterinarian will locate the rupture, herniation, or slipped disc and decompress the spinal cord. Crate rest is EXTREMELY important at this time. All medications should be given as instructed by your veterinarian. Depending on the severity of the disc disease, you may need to use a sling when walking your dog outside to eliminate. You can purchase one from a pet store or a beach towel also works well for this. Our staff will be happy to show you how to use the towel as a sling. Your pet will require suture removal 14 days after the surgery. At this appointment, the veterinarian will determine a rehabilitation schedule suited for your pet based on their healing progress. It is very important to bring your pet in for all scheduled follow up appointments related to this procedure.

***The cost of this procedure varies by patient and severity. Office staff will not be able to give you an estimate for this procedure without an exam by the veterinarian.